Protection Of Law

ATTORNEY ASSOCIATION “PROTECTION OF LAW” was created by a team of professionals with the aim of providing qualified legal assistance to a wide range of clients, which includes both individuals and legal entities.

Attorneys of AA “PROTECTION OF LAW”, specialize in many areas of law and provide professional legal assistance in economic, civil, administrative cases, to witnesses, parties and other participants in criminal proceedings.

In carrying out legal activities, we are guided by the interests of the Client, current judicial practices, and in the majority of cases, we can anticipate the prospects of resolving the respective case. We formulate a defense position for the rights and interests of the Client, taking into account the current judicial practices and trends observed in the cases of the European Court of Human Rights.

The competitive advantages of our association’s attorneys lie in their participation in complex and atypical cases, requiring creative thinking and the formation of a legal defense position for the Client’s interests using non-conventional legal instruments.

Mostly, we achieve the predicted outcome, anticipated before our attorneys engage in a case. Such results are attainable due to the systematic and thorough examination of all circumstances in contentious legal relations where our Client’s interests are at stake.

We would be delighted to see you among our clients.

With best regards, the team of AA “PROTECTION OF LAW”.