Subscriber service

Subscriber service for businesses is a way to optimize costs for legal support of business activities.

Employment relationships with an employee always involve serious obligations and responsibilities on the part of the employer. This includes official employment, payment of mandatory monthly payments, accounting workload, vacations, sick leaves, maternity leaves, dismissals, and more.

In addition, maintaining a team of lawyers imposes financial burdens on the employer.

Attorney association “Protection of law” offers you to get rid of the mentioned obligations.

By entering into a contract for subscription legal services with our law firm, you receive full legal support for your activities.

Moreover, you are absolutely not concerned about our vacations, sick leaves, as well as financial ambitions. The law firm, whose employees are always ready to defend your interests and provide legal support, will work in your interests.

AA “Protection of law” in its practice uses a range of standard legal service packages, allowing to find an optimal cooperation option for both novice entrepreneurs and individuals actively engaged in business for a long time.