The attorneys of attorney association “Protection of law” provide professional legal assistance and represent the client’s interests in Ukrainian courts in various legal matters, regardless of the court instance and subject matter jurisdiction.

Our attorneys specialize in almost all areas of law and provide professional legal assistance in civil, commercial, and administrative court proceedings, as well as to individuals in need of protection in criminal proceedings.

Upon the client’s request, the law firm assigns an attorney with the most experience in handling the specific case, ensuring the most effective defense of the client’s rights and interests.

In providing legal assistance to the client in civil, commercial, and administrative proceedings, the attorneys of AA “Protection of Rights” represent the rights and interests of the plaintiff, defendant, third party, and individuals whose rights have been violated by a court decision. They also ensure the exercise of procedural rights and duties by these individuals within the framework of the court proceedings.

In the defense of the client in criminal proceedings, AA “Protection of law” offers professional legal assistance to:

  • suspects and accused individuals;
  • victims, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants;
  • witnesses during interrogation;
  • legal entities under investigation;
  • property owners or other possessors whose property is subject to arrest in criminal proceedings;
  • property owners or other possessors when deciding on the lifting of the imposed arrest on property within the framework of criminal proceedings;
  • in addressing other issues arising during the conduct of criminal proceedings that require the participation of an attorney.