Family disputes

The word “family” evokes only positive associations. However, disputes arising in family legal relations are the most challenging disputes morally, both for the parties involved and for the lawyers.

Representing the interests of a party in a family dispute, the lawyer must delve into the issues of the dispute, identify the real reasons for its occurrence, and, considering the interests of the client, find optimal ways to resolve it.

In such circumstances, the lawyer informally becomes a participant in family relations on the side of one of the spouses, sometimes even possessing information about intimate details of their lives.

Family disputes usually come with turbulent negative emotions. In this complex psychological situation, only a professional can handle the case with balance, ethics, and despite the emotions of the parties, protect the rights and interests of their client.

The experience of our attorneys is confirmed by hundreds of hours of court sessions and positive decisions in favor of our clients.

In the resolution of family disputes, we offer:

  • general counseling on family matters;
  • drafting prenuptial agreements, property distribution agreements;
  • handling property distribution disputes; recognizing property as personal property of one of the spouses; increasing the share in joint property, etc.
  • representation of client interests in other legal disputes related to family relations, including:
  • divorce cases;
  • establishment (recovery) of alimony;
  • determination of the child’s place of residence with one of the parents;
  • termination of parental rights;
  • establishing the fact of cohabitation;
  • other family disputes.