M&A Support

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) is an abbreviation used to identify transactions where control of business or its parts is transferred. An M&A deal involves a set of measures aimed at ensuring the maximum efficiency and regulation of the process of transferring control over business management. This set of measures is conventionally divided into stages of M&A deals.

The sale or purchase of a business is a complex operation with numerous uncertainties. Understanding and analyzing these aspects is crucial during the realization process. Missing even one aspect of the deal can significantly impact its profitability, lead to losses, or missed profits.

Therefore, in the implementation of M&A deals, it is common practice to involve professionals who, together with business owners, go through all the stages of M&A deals to minimize potential risks.

Attorney association “Protection of law” has extensive experience in providing legal support for M&A deals, starting from preparatory procedures such as due diligence and ending with the drafting of fundamental business sale-purchase agreements (corporate rights).

We offer:

  • formation of the conceptual integration model.
  • conducting legal due diligence.
  • negotiations on behalf of the client at all stages of M&A deals.
  • development of preliminary agreements for M&A transactions.
  • development of agreements on the structure of the main deal.
  • development of fundamental agreements for M&A transactions.
  • consultations on M&A issues.
  • termination of employment contracts during the implementation of M&A deals.