Civil law

Civil law is the oldest fundamental branch of law, and its emergence and development are closely tied to the evolution of commodity and monetary relations. As an independent branch of law, civil law is intricately connected with other legal domains, such as family, labor, housing, and business law. Matters concerning property rights, inheritance, or intellectual property rights also fall within the scope of civil legal relations.

AA “Protection of Law” offers a comprehensive range of legal services in this field, including:

  • consultations on civil law matters;
  • preparation of civil contracts (including lease agreements, sales contracts, service agreements, work contracts, subcontracting, commission agreements, etc.);
  • support in the negotiation, execution, modification, and termination of civil contracts;
  • compensation for material and moral damages;
  • property division in cases of marriage dissolution;
  • support in inheritance cases;
  • judicial resolution of disputes related to civil legal relations.